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Recycled Granule

Low-pressure polyethylene High-pressure polyethylene Polypropylene Polystyrene ABS-plastic

Need high quality granules? Need to buy large batch of granulated polymer?

Then our company is just what you need! The price for a quality we offer is quite acceptable. We are ready to sell granules in large quantities and guarantee that your goods you will always get in time!

Granulated polymer: manufacturing technology

Before buying granules it is necessary see into a matter of its manufacturing. Technological process of granulate manufacturing in our production takes place in several stages. The first stage - is sorting. Raw materials should be thoroughly cleaned of impurities and dirt and divided by make. Neglect this process - means neglect the quality of the resulting recycled PP granules. Nobody will buy such granule that is why at this stage we have maximum attention. After the sorting the raw material should be crushed. This process consists in crushing of plastic into small fractions. Obtained raw material is sent to the purification of the metal. The importance of this stage for the resulting granules cannot be overemphasized. Any buyer wants to buy only quality monotonous granules. Purification is performed by using metal separation that can remove even very small particles. After that the material is subjected to final washing and drying. After removal of smallest dirt the raw material is ready for granulation. At the last stage of manufacture material is melted and passed through several purification steps, including vacuum degassing which is carried out twice. Only after that the melt is cooled cut and packed into the bags. In this step the manufacturing process ends, and the customer gets the opportunity to buy granules at low cost and in the shortest terms.

Use of granulated polymer

Nowadays, the demand for recyclables is very high. The humanity realized long time ago that it is easier to recycle plastic than destroy it safety. That is why the PP granules have such great popularity. But as the raw material where also can be used this material? It is indispensable in the manufacture of plastic parts by casting for thermoplastics. It can be boxes, garbage bags, tape and much more. Granules also can be used for casting of battery cases and sewer pipes. Our company offers our clients regranulate at low prices and in large quantities. If you are serious businessmen, you will appreciate our terms and conditions. Call us and we will answer all your questions!

Worthy quality - worth the price!

The company "Rostpoliplast" offers on a regular basis recycled granulated polymeric raw materials.

The entire production cycle is steadily complied at full scale which guarantees high quality of finished products.

To buy recycled granules please contact an expert of the company by telephone that is on our website. They also will answer all your questions.