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Are you engaged in search of polymeric materials from the manufacturer? The company "Rostpoliplast" offers to purchase high quality polystyrene of own manufacture at favorable prices for all categories of customers.

Polystyrene - a hard plastic which is used in many industries. Our company sells recycled polystyrene granules at the favorable prices in the volumes the customer needs.

Manufacture of polystyrene

Polystyrene is produced on the basis of styrene polymerization technology. Recycled polystyrene granules are produced by multi-stage recycling of polymer waste with using of rather complex high-tech equipment. The process includes preliminary preparation of raw materials, its thorough sorting, crushing, washing, dry cleaning in several steps, and the granulation of material. The production cycle is strictly controlled by highly qualified enterprise Rostpoliplast, which guarantees the perfect quality of the finished product.


Physical and mechanical characteristics of polystyrene, is usually dependent on the production technology, polydispersity, molecular weight, and many other factors. Material has high impact strength which provides its high resistance to mechanical impacts. This type of plastic may be used in a wide temperature range (from-40°C to + 70°C) without losing its performance characteristics. Polystyrene can be easily dissolved in the esters, also chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, etc.

The use of polystyrene

Material is used in many areas of production. Polystyrene is used for manufacturing of thermal insulation and cladding materials, paving, bodies of devices, toys and much more. On the basis of polystyrene foamed polystyrene is made - a porous material made in the form of plates or shells, which has low thermal conductivity and is widely used as an easy and effective thermal insulation.

Our company offers to potential customers most profitable conditions of cooperation, guaranteeing high quality of realized production. Purchasing our polystyrene, the customer receives the goods at the most favorable price and in the shortest possible time.