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Not enough just to buy polypropylene or polyethylene from the company with its own production. You must ensure that it uses only high-quality polymer raw materials and in compliance with all necessary conditions of the manufacturing process of polypropylene and polyethylene. Our company controls the processes of the melt flow and break properties of the material in our laboratory which is one of the best in our region. We sell polypropylene of the highest quality and deliver it by our transports strictly in the stipulated terms. Polypropylene trade is our main specialization that guarantees the high level of services.

Polypropylene: properties and advantages

This material has many advantages. Firstly, it is less dense. Generally, polypropylene has a lowest density value among all the kinds of plastics. Softening of this polymer begins only at 140° C and its melting point is 175ºC. Meanwhile, it is more wear-resistant and less susceptible to abrasion. Also it is not subject to corrosion cracking. However it has weaknesses too. The polymer is very sensitive to light and oxygen, but in our production we solve this problem by introducing special stabilizers. Any client should know that buying propylene from us it is reasonable spending of their money. Do not forget about the thermal load. Material properties allow to boil products made of it and sterilize them with steam.

The use of polypropylene

Manufacturers of this material will never be left without work. Because this material is used almost in all industries. Polypropylene is gradually replacing material such as polystyrene from the market. It is connected to the many advantages of polypropylene: a large number of modifications with different properties, environmental safety, organized disposal and recycling processes. Gradually, the polymer was used in such industries as electronics, automotive, construction, medicine and many others. That is why the sale of propylene is gaining momentum. It is important not to be mistaken with the supplier.

We offer you very favorable terms of purchase of polypropylene, polyethylene and many other materials. All goods we deliver own, saving its customers from unnecessary inconvenience. For the production of polypropylene granules we use scrap plastic packaging materials, furniture, waste from the polymer industry.